Antonio Velardo 

Antonio Velardo, who was born in 1977 in Naples, Italy, dreamt of going across the globe after finishing high school. Rather of becoming an ordinary tourist like so many other adolescents, Velardo dreamed of learning to fly so he could go to far-flung locations.
The Art of Flying
Velardo took a risk and relocated to Florida at the age of 19 to get his FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) commercial pilot's license. He got his multi-engine instrumental commercial pilot's certificate after completing classes at the Phoenix East Aviation School in Daytona Beach after a few years. Following this qualification, he returned to Europe and enrolled at the Capua Aeroschool in Italy to update his license in preparation for JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) certification.

Velardo then started carrying out his childhood goals as a commercial pilot, flying across the globe, living in a variety of countries, and learning about other cultures "in quest of answers," as he put it.

Velardo understood that, despite his passion of flying, the pilot's lifestyle didn't fulfill him; in fact, flying was hindering him from genuinely "reaching his wings" and building a spiritually meaningful vocation.

Return to School

Velardo returned to school after having this revelation, this time at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, where he earned a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and graduated with honors. Velardo, on the other hand, did not pursue a career as a civil engineer; instead, he followed his passion and entered the real estate industry.